Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sneaky Snake Update

Said serpent made another appearance - it was his last. I cannot thank our little dog Romeo enough for alerting us to this! (This already pampered pup has really been rewarded now!) He headed him over to an awaiting glue board which I'm thankful for. Then Hubby My Hero took care of the rest. I'm shuddering still as I type this. Gawd! I'm sorry to offend any who think that all of God's creatures be let loose, but I knew if he got in once, he'd do it again, and I've spent some really miserable uneasy days on the lookout. This thing was 30" long and about as big around as your finger - black snake, non-poisonous but if it can cause cardiac arrest, still deadly to me. I'm off to take my boots off for the first time in several days.