Saturday, December 19, 2009

In The Air There's A Feeling Of Christmas

Just a little shelf in the livingroom. Above it is a clay wall sculpture purchased years ago at my beloved St. James Court Art Show. The artist is Sean Corner, who is completely wonderful and talented. This is one of my favorite things in my home. I just love "the feeling" it gives me. The angel artwork hanging in the vintage silver case was made by Dawn of The Feathered Nest whose work I greatly admire as well. A sweeter more talented lady you will never find. (Sorry, had no luck getting the link to work!) I keep this piece out year-round, but highlight it on this shelf at Christmastime. The crystal candlesticks "live" here all year too, I only change their accompaniments. I selected some of my vintage ornaments in silvers and blues to coordinate with the color accented wall in the room. A simple little vignette where nothing newly purchased was added, definitely keeping within my tiny budget this Christmas!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pink Velvet Santa

Hi ladies! Merry Christmas! This is my Christmas find of the season! I found him at the same antique mall where I purchased my cottage picture that's on my blog header. Way back in October, I passed by the window and saw him on display. Pretty much figuring that there was no way I could afford him, I went in "to see" thinking I was just torturing myself. I was told he had just come out of storage the day before as they were in the beginning stages of their Yuletide decorating. Nervously I flipped the price tag - a serious OMG moment - $6.95!! He's in perfect shape, just had to clean his boots a bit. Did some checking, found out he's a Harold Gale display Santa from the early 60's and one just like him just sold on eBay for $119!
Hubby couldn't wouldn't didn't understand why I didn't want to auction him but I knew you all would understand!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So, remember when I mentioned in an earlier post the St. James Court Art Show? It' I save $ all year long to be able to buy some Christmas gifts and some treats for myself as well. This year has been very trying. Healthwise and financially. Not to go into the long sad sordid details, but in a nutshell, my job of 17 years ended recently when my place of business ceased to exist. I'm still unemployed and trying not to panic! Anyway, this art show is one of the best in the country and takes place the first weekend in October in "Old Louisville" which is near downtown and claims to be the largest Victorian neighborhood in the country. My "girls" - my mom and 23 yr. old daughter - have had a tradition of attending together for years. We pray for good weather and this year we got it! I only allowed myself two purchases this year, but I'm sooooo pleased with what I found.
The photographer exhibiting this work, only had images of cemetary statuary - all black and white - and it literally stopped me in my tracks. I was overwhelmed. They were all so stunning - so serene - so beautiful - so peaceful. After what must have seemed like an eternity to this patient artist/vendor, I finally settled on this one called "Wings". The story he passed onto me was that he took the photo in a cemetary located on the Austrian border and that according to local legend, the 24 year old bride grieved herself to death after the loss of her husband 100+ years ago. Oh so romantically tragic yet I gather inspiration from it as well as a sense of calm. I'm probably one weird chick.
Needing a frame that did her justice (I wanted something old/ornate) I dug out one that I scored for a mere $5.00 at an estate sale - painted it matte black and highlighted some detail with silver. She didn't fit perfectly - my hands literally shook as I carefully trimmed the sides about an inch. But, voila - done. I love the way it turned out - and how she looks in our livingroom.
A side note - I thought hubby would be completely creeped out but was totally onboard with this one. Though not as overcome with emotion as I, he did remark "cool". I think living with me all these years is starting to rub off on him!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Haunted Mansion

Last night I met a few family members across the river in New Albany, Indiana to go on a guided "ghost tour" through the Culbertson Mansion. This was not some silly haunted house at Halloween with characters leaping out at you and such. We were given some history of the home which was built in the 1860's as well as various accounts of staff and visitors' experiences with the "ghosts" who are reportedly very active in their former residence. Everything I love! Our guide had noted that cameras were permitted (I had left mine at home - 25 miles away - drat!) but two of my nieces snapped lots of pictures. This morning when I checked my Facebook account, one of them had posted this photo that she took outside as we were leaving. Looks like orbs and quite possibly a ghost, doesn't it? We'd like to think so! How cool is that?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Heartfelt Thank You!

Thank you all so much for your kind comments and warm welcomes! You sure know how to make a girl feel welcome! I owe a huge debt of gratitude to sweet Dawn of The Feathered Nest for her gracious introduction and her generosity in sharing her readers with me. I am honored and humbled beyond measure.
I love the verse on this old postcard and it seemed quite fitting for today's post.
Thanks to you all, this little blog has already become quite a blessing.
Until next time,


Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Story Behind the Cottage

Recognize this picture? It's the one I use for my blog header. It was love at first dusty filthy sight in the basement of an antique mall in Shelbyville, Kentucky. She had been neglected - and abused. Someone had given her frame the triple g death treatment (ghastly gaudy gold) and apparently not cleaned and shined her glass in eons. I knew I had to save her. DH shook his head in disbelief - clearly not sharing my love nor vision. We were on our annual anniversary shopping day. After 22 years, we shop together for what we love rather than surprise one another. For me, it's antique shopping. For him - we visit Manland - sometimes sporting goods, sometimes hardware, tools and the like. So, he lugged her up the stairs for me, getting pretty grimy in the process (have I mentioned how much I love this man?) and reluctantly paid for her. He only smiled slightly when the clerk noted she was 20% off. My heart, however, was singing - I'd have paid triple for her!
Brought her home and agonized over what to do about her frame. She was so beautifully faded that even my addiction to Heirloom White and/or Dover White seemed too bright. So, I got out all the acrylic craft paints that I own, narrowed it down to all the colors that seemed to blend into her background, and hand mixed my own concoction. The result was soft and subtle, very suiting for her. Carefully and painstakenly, I took her apart and cleaned her and then discovered where she used to live - an address in Old Louisville (reportedly the largest victorian neighborhood in the country) right here in our city! So, not only did I save her, I truly brought her back home where she belongs.
Things come and go in our houses. Not this old girl - I will NEVER part with her. She speaks to my soul.
What do you have in your home that does that for you? I'd love to hear your stories!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Putting My Estate Finds to Use

Instead of buying a hanging plant to place inside my heart shaped stand for $15 or $20 that would eventually die, I decided to add a little charm to this cozy backyard nook by tying on the Limoge coffee/teapot with some soft pink ribbon. The bistro set was my grandmother's. She passed away in the 70's and my mom had it until a couple of years ago when she moved, downsized and passed it along to me. I just love it! I re-covered the seats this summer - easy peasy - my kind of project! The pale pink bread box was a Goodwill find for $3. It was also lidless (word? LOL) and had tags on it from TJ Maxx where it had been reduced to $18. Not bad, huh?

I added the little bluebird tray to a shelf I have hanging in my kitchen. I have some other bluebird items in my kitchen, mixed in amongst the roses that I'll save for another post. I just love 'em! The two pins above are two of my favorites. The round one on top was found at a little hole-in-the-whole antique shop near our house for $2! The one beneath it I got from my favorite vendor, The Charming Cherub, at the St. James Court Art Show. It's made from a calendar plate dated 1921. Not a bargain, but sometimes you just have to splurge!
Just a little peek at our little corner of the world. Hope you come back for more!

Until next time -


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Finds From the Teacher's Estate

Here are some more of my goodies - a rose covered Limoge tea/coffee pot - missing it's lid, but at $2 I knew I could still put it to good use.

A handpainted bluebird dish - $3, the monogrammed silver brushes - $3 for the pair (serious happy dance!) rose covered teacups, 2 rhinestone pins from the 1920's - $8 for both, sitting atop the silver lidded and glass vanity jar I got for .50 is a gorgeous mother of pearl pin - also .50 and that clear slab of thick glass was $1 and I will create a cool vintage inspired paperweight with that!
One entire room was nothing but old, old books! Even though I was sneezing, I spent about 30 minutes on my hands and knees going through stacks upon stacks and found 7 at $1 each that just had to come home with me. My favorite? Lavender and Old Lace, of course!
Come back tomorrow and I'll show you how I put some of these treasures to use!
Until next time,
P.S. Thank you so much to those who've welcomed me to Blogland! Your support and encouragement mean the world to me! Please bear with me while I struggle to make my posts as pro as yours!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Finally! I can now share some of the great vintage finds I scored at a recent estate sale. The lady who had lived in the home had been a school teacher for many years and I swear, I think all of her students gave her hankies every Christmas! There were boxes, bags, and other various containers of nothing but these beauties! The best part - all were in excellent, even pristine condition and dirt cheap! I'm talkin' $2.50 for a bag of 20 people!

I got a total of 73 - and allowed myself the luxury of keeping 15! The rest I ebayed and made enough money from the lot of 58 to pay for the entire estate sale shopping experience! A girl's gotta be thrifty, right? I'll show you more finds in my next post. Just wondering - do any of you ever get that "Shopping Angel of Death" feeling when you go to estate sales or is it just me?
Until next time,

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Little minor set-back, but am on my way again. Lots to share soon including great finds from "my kind" of estate sale - lots of "sweet little old lady" stuff and low, low prices, a fabulous annual art show in our area, and a fantasy wedding we attended last weekend for our niece!
Please stay tuned!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Life Is What Happens........

while you're making other plans. I vow not to be an occasional blogger. I have a big mouth, a lot to share and a vision when it comes to what I want this blog to be when it grows up! That being said, a recent health issue presented itself and had to be dealt with. But, I'm back! I'll be posting more this weekend! Pictures soon, I promise!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 1

Hi Blog Friends! Welcome to Yesterday's Cottage!
Here goes - my first attempt at actual blogging and not just "lurking". I really hate that word, kind of makes you sound a little sinister! I tended to think of myself as more of a blog admirer - an avid and interested reader. With that said, I am learning (hopefully quickly!) to navigate what is a new and wonderful world to me. Please be patient. I have seen such great ideas, makeovers, vintage and thrifty finds that I just couldn't wait to join in on the fun. I've also met some amazing ladies thru commenting on their blogs as well. What a community of kind souls and kindred spirits!
Over the next few days, I will be sharing my favorite blogs, tidbits about what makes me tick, some pics of our humble cottage, found treasures and asking questions that will be fun to answer. I truly hope you will enjoy this journey with me!
Until next time -