Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stake Out......uh.....Snake Out

Seriously. It is February. I am in Kentucky. It is winter. After two weeks of 6-9 inch snowfalls, we had a glorious weekend of 60 degree weather. Does this confuse reptiles? Do they not hibernate? Where am I going with this story?
I'll set the scene. Hubby falls asleep on couch. Son is at a friend's. Thinking no one will gripe if I Godforbid step in front of the tv, I decide it's the perfect time to do some spring decor/nest fluffing. I set things off furniture, in front of the livingroom window and start playing. I am easily pleased and entertained, as this is pure heaven for me. For a couple of blissful hours I create vignettes, I color coordinate, I arrange, re-arrange, display and just flat-out decorate my happy a** off. I then begin to put away all the things that didn't "make the cut". As I reach for a candlestick sitting on the floor by the window, something moves. My mind is surely playing tricks on me. Did I really see something? Let me get my glasses. What WAS that? Is the cat behind the curtains? Is that his little tail? Uh-oh. Cat is across the room asleep. Hmmmmm. Fear and dread are setting in. As I put the glasses on, son comes through the door and finding me peering at the floor, butt in the air, gingerly moving a drapery panel and asks exactly what I'm doing. Tell him I think I saw a snake. Right Mom. OK - you move a couple of these things and see. Picture a nearly 21 year old 6'1" strong male back up behind me! Reminding him that I'm the one who had a heart attack last summer (I'm a Mom - I know guilt and how to use it!), I strongly suggest he needs to be the one to take the next look. He does and trying not to scream like a girl, confirms my assessment as he practically runs me over in a mad dash to get the hell outta Dodge.
This awakens hubby who peers over as said snake disappears somewhere while we're busy freaking out.
We still can't find the sucker.
The only picture I could post now would be this - two adults watching a livingroom baseboard (it was small - we think it went under the most probable place it slithered in) that has now been lined with glue boards. How lovely.
Wherever you are Mr. Snake, you better not be poisonous and you better not come near us.
Lesson learned - NEVER take your eyes off a slithering snake in your livingroom.
I may be calling a realtor tomorrow.


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Oh my goodness! I hope you catch him... but don't hurt him! He just wants to be your friend... tee hee hee... I actually like little snakes, they are good for your gardens, just not your living room! Please let us know if you find him! (her?) xoxo Julie Marie

My Cottage Charm said...

Oh dear! I do not care for snakes, big or little, but I am better with them my husband. True story here...we used to live out in the country and we had snakes. My husband would be out mowing and see a snake and come in the house and I would have to go out and kill it! LOL The man hates snakes....I think I'll start calling him Indiana Jones. :) (snakes, it would have to be snakes!) :)

Karen said...

Good Grief!! Isn't it too cold for snakes to be out and about?? I can't stand them, hope you find him soon!!

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Hilarious!!! It reminded me of last summer when a huge centepede came in through my back door & headed straight for where I was sitting. I screamed & it took a detour under the couch. We couldn't scare it out. Finally we turned the couch on it's side to find it. Hubby then threw down my Twilight book on top of it to smash it dead. I was glad the thing was dead. But I wasn't happy that my Twilight book had been used in the deadly deed.

Glad to hear in your next post that you finally got the sucker, I mean snake.

sanjeet said...

... I actually like little snakes,
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