Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Putting My Estate Finds to Use

Instead of buying a hanging plant to place inside my heart shaped stand for $15 or $20 that would eventually die, I decided to add a little charm to this cozy backyard nook by tying on the Limoge coffee/teapot with some soft pink ribbon. The bistro set was my grandmother's. She passed away in the 70's and my mom had it until a couple of years ago when she moved, downsized and passed it along to me. I just love it! I re-covered the seats this summer - easy peasy - my kind of project! The pale pink bread box was a Goodwill find for $3. It was also lidless (word? LOL) and had tags on it from TJ Maxx where it had been reduced to $18. Not bad, huh?

I added the little bluebird tray to a shelf I have hanging in my kitchen. I have some other bluebird items in my kitchen, mixed in amongst the roses that I'll save for another post. I just love 'em! The two pins above are two of my favorites. The round one on top was found at a little hole-in-the-whole antique shop near our house for $2! The one beneath it I got from my favorite vendor, The Charming Cherub, at the St. James Court Art Show. It's made from a calendar plate dated 1921. Not a bargain, but sometimes you just have to splurge!
Just a little peek at our little corner of the world. Hope you come back for more!

Until next time -



Donna said...

What a perfect solution! The bistro set is just too sweet, and the mums in the pale pink bread box ... just perfect! I also love bluebirds! I have a vintage music box in the shape of a bluebird sitting on the pie safe in my living room... Love everything!... Donna

Sally L. Smith said...

pink things and bluebirds--some of my favorites. Come visit me sometime. I found you through Dawn of the feathered nest.